EP04: Infusing Personality (and Totem Poles) into Your Vacation Rental with Teena Kulakowski – VRMB
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EP04: Infusing Personality (and Totem Poles) into Your Vacation Rental with Teena Kulakowski

Teena Kulakowski is a former chemist who now runs the successful Four Seasons Lodge in New Hampshire. Her experiments have taken her from newspaper advertising to chainsaw artists to building her own website. Along the way we’ll find out that the “secret ingredient” to her vacation rental’s success is a high dose of good ol’ fashioned personality. You’ll leave here learning the value of knowing your audience, why it’s maybe time to hire that professional, and that it’s ok to call your guests “repeat offenders”

Show Notes

  • Teena’s experience getting started in the vacation rental industry in the 1990’s
  • Teena’s career transition from being a chemist to vacation rental entrepreneur
  • How she created her vacation rental to fit her personality
  • How Teena sees her business as more than a series of transactions
  • Why she got a giant custom totem pole installation at her property
  • Why understanding your target demographic is key for your vacation rental
  • How Teena gets most of her bookings from her own website.
  • How Teena uses her blog, “insider’s guide”, & events calendar to drive repeat business
  • Why she invested in a professional copywriter & architectural photographer
  • Teena’s advice on how to learn more effectively


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About the Author Matt Landau

Matt Landau is the Founder of the VRMB and the Inner Circle, two online resources dedicated to helping vacation rental owners and managers generate more bookings.