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EP15: Deep Diversification with Jeanne Dailey

I have the pleasure of meeting lots of vacation rental professionals each year, but it’s not often that I come across a mastermind like Jeanne Dailey, whose business model is so radically different and more complex than average.

Like many vacation rental professionals, Jeanne is keen on the idea of diversification. But unlike many vacation rental professionals, Jeanne views this concept through an industry lens: having built several pillars in her business to avoid having all her eggs in the vacation rental basket. She takes the idea of independence (or perhaps more accurately, non-dependence) to a whole new level.

In this conversation, Jeanne walks us through how each of these pillars help one another to create one of the most sustainable business models you’ll find.

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And it was thanks to our buddy Sean Miller from PointCentral for making this conversation happen.

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