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What’s Your Plan If HomeAway Disappears Tomorrow?

This question was the crux of The Listing Site Independence Workshop. Since that workshop has since passed, I have summarize the learnings and takeaways here.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.12.17 AMThis is a healthy and constructive way to consider your vacation rental marketing.

And of course, the devil’s advocate scenario represents more than just HomeAway or VRBO. It represents all the third parties that you may rely on to generate inquiries.

When you look at the sustainability of your business through this lens, you accept that you are susceptible, you embrace that you are independent, or most likely, you realize that you fall somewhere in between.

Our first job is to figure out where we fall on this curve.

Our second job is to decide if we are comfortable there or not.

Owners or managers unhappy with where they sit should consider our Inner Circle for actionable and intelligent solutions on moving forward.

About the Author Matt Landau

Matt Landau is the Founder of the VRMB and the Inner Circle, two online resources dedicated to helping vacation rental owners and managers generate more bookings.


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