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Two Little Letters That Can Squeeze Inquiries Into Bookings

According to my research, if you are not using a “P.S.” in your vacation rental emails, you might be missing out on lots of bookings.

At one time or another, you’ve probably received an email with a P.S. at the end and it’s almost certain you took the time to read it (even if the body of the actual letter didn’t interest you at all). It’s weird how everyone reads the P.S. (yet no one knows why they do it).

This is because the very last portion of an email – the postscript or P.S. – is visually very striking. It might just be the most valuable “real estate” of your email correspondence and when used correctly, it increases engagement and conversions for your rentals (whether your recipient is conscious of the action or not).

So you may be thinking, OK, so how do we best utilize the P.S. to maximize bookings?

Here are 5 ways…

1) To Build Trust: One of the inherent downfalls of being a vacation rental proprietor today is that travelers are still slightly suspicious about us (Is this lady who she says she is? Will her vacation home be as nice as the pictures? Do I trust her before making a bank deposit for our stay?)

So one way to use the P.S. is to establish one last dollop of trust and healthy reassurance. I like to use mine to reference testimonials or to subtly reference awards we have won or concrete blog posts that make us seem reputable.


P.S. If you have a moment, check out our most recent guest review because those folks initially had some of your same concerns.

P.S. Just yesterday we won our second “Traveler’s Choice Award” so your visit will be just in time to see us put it up on the wall!

2) To Offer A Promotion: Using a P.S. at the end of your email correspondence is effective at prompting impulse decisions the same way that supermarket cash registers are stocked with various cheap last-minute knickknacks.

Use your postscript space to drive home the sale or to cement the booking by offering a tangible call-to-action, a surprise deal, or a freebie included in their stay.


P.S. If you’re able to book in the next 24 hours, we can offer you a 10% off discount. Simply use the coupon code “Panama” in the promotion field of the booking form to seal the deal.

P.S. We’re also currently offering free in-house massages to any guest that books their winter rental before next Tuesday.

3) To Sum Things Up: If you read my piece Vacation Rental Websites Are Meant To Be Skimmed, Not Read, you will know that most of your guests will NOT take the time to read each and every word you’ve put on paper. For the same reasons that guests will quickly skim property listings to find the right one, the same guests also skim emails (to clean out their inbox folder).

You should know by now that emails to guests should be as concise as possible, but use the P.S. to do an additional abbreviation of the text above and you’ll see more engagement. Make sure your summary P.S. is short and to the point or you’ve defeated the purpose.


P.S. So we’re really love to host you here at our vacation rental and there are just a few more details to get your booking confirmed. Please let me know as soon as possible?

4) To Precede Your Signature: I get emails from a lot of owners and managers and one of the most glaring things I’ve noticed is how much you all love your signatures…

I’ve seen email signatures that are 6, 8 or even 10 lines long!!! They feature phone numbers, directions, favorite quotes, and even (in one bizarre case) an entire 12-paragraph chapter from a travel guide about the region.

When you do use your P.S., make sure it doesn’t get lost after your elaborate email signature. Make it visible from the last sentence of the message.

5) To Personalize: It’s no secret that vacation rentals are only as authentic as their hosts and emails can actually help accentuate that theme. Think of your P.S. like the chocolates you leave on the beds or the homemade tomato sauce you leave in the fridge: as a special little extra something you didn’t have to do for your guests, demonstrating thoughtfulness and personality.

You can also use email spying techniques in tandem with your P.S. for maximum results.


P.S. I’ll be in town when you guys visit in case you’d like to go out for some coffee and pick my brain about the best activities around?

P.S. I noticed you are in New Jersey at the moment. I’m actually from New Jersey myself and will be back visiting family on the first of next month! Hooray.

BONUS: To Ask Questions: I have featured questions in a few of the examples, but here’s the general gist…The whole idea of engagement in email correspondence is to get the guest to respond to your initial message. My research shows that guests are more than 30% more likely to respond to an email when a question is posed (in other words, when they’ve got to send back the answer). And so if getting the guest to respond is a primary goal, try using the P.S. to elicit some sort of response. Statistically, if a guest responds to your first email, he or she is many more times likely to actually book (when compared to those who never reply back).

The P.S. is just one of the many tips I reveal in The Vault, the most progressive and powerful vacation rental marketing tools on the planet.

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