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Author: Matt Landau
Category: The VR Show
September 27, 2017

I am very excited to ​share with you, A Sense of Place, a new kind of travel show designed to familiarize people with ​our great vacation rental movement. In ​the show, we'll meet destinations through vacation rental properties and their most incredible hosts. ​And in the process, we'll open up travelers' eyes ​to vacation rentals as​ inspiration for their next adventure. ​

​Why Are We Producing a Show?

​We're creating this show ​to close expectation gap between what newcomers ​think it’s all about, and what actually happens when you spring for vacation rentals. Since most travelers have not stayed in vacation rentals before (and most hosts have no formal training), closing this gap is arguably the most important challenge for the vacation rental industry right now: the wider it is, the more newcomers ​are disappointed…the quicker it’s ​shut, the more ​smoothly we grow (both individually, and as a whole). ​A show is one of the broadest reaching mediums to effectuate this change. In fact, HomeAway just announced a show of their own and Airbnb has a project too! 

​How Do We Plan To Reach Our Goal?

​In the show, we document prototypical vacation rental hosts and show travelers the best of what our industry has to offer. Each episode is less about the given vacation destination — more about the benefits of choosing vacation rentals (no matter where you travel). And because our industry is so new, and so many owners and managers run their businesses in different, albeit equally incredible ways, the show will highlight fundamental truths and universal best practices. The show will educate newcomers and help them build realistic expectations in a fun and entertaining way. 

​When Does It Begin & Where Can I See It?

​The first episode will release to the public ​in November, with one episode per week being released ​thereafter, like a traditional TV show. However, unlike a traditional TV show, all episodes will be published on Youtube, Facebook, and a special platform we have created for supplemental content, ​in-depth interviews, and industry ​best practices. 

​A Personal Note

​Being able to create this show has been the absolute opportunity of a lifetime for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ​envisioned​ myself alongside a prestigious film crew, having the chance to meet ​masterful business owners and ​learn about what makes them so successful. In the process, I ​have been ​regularly reminded that THIS underestimation of myself is actually kind of the essence of the vacation rental movement: that people with no previous experience or training can do truly ​world-class things if they surround themselves with the right people. My "right people" ​are my Inner Circle ​colleagues: ​they ​are my ​neighbors, my mentors, my surrogate mothers and fathers, ​and my ​friends. I ​could not and would ​not have ​done this show without them​​.

I look forward to sharing all the beauty that vacation rentals have to offer!

About the author 

Matt Landau

Matt Landau is the Founder of the VRMB and the Inner Circle, two online resources dedicated to helping vacation rental owners and managers generate more bookings.

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