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We’re Producing a Show!


I am very excited to ​share with you, A Sense of Place, a new kind of travel show designed to familiarize people with ​our great vacation rental movement. In ​the show, we'll meet destinations through vacation rental properties and their most incredible hosts. ​And in the process, we'll open up travelers' eyes ​to vacation rentals as​ inspiration for their next adventure. ​

​Why Are We Producing a Show?

​We're creating this show ​to close expectation gap between what newcomers ​think it’s all about, and what actually happens when you spring for vacation rentals. Since most travelers have not stayed in vacation rentals before (and most hosts have no formal training), closing this gap is arguably the most important challenge for the vacation rental industry right now: the wider it is, the more newcomers ​are disappointed…the quicker it’s ​shut, the more ​smoothly we grow (both individually, and as a whole). ​A show is one of the broadest reaching mediums to effectuate this change. In fact, HomeAway just announced a show of their own and Airbnb has a project too! 

​How Do We Plan To Reach Our Goal?

​In the show, we document prototypical vacation rental hosts and show travelers the best of what our industry has to offer. Each episode is less about the given vacation destination — more about the benefits of choosing vacation rentals (no matter where you travel). And because our industry is so new, and so many owners and managers run their businesses in different, albeit equally incredible ways, the show will highlight fundamental truths and universal best practices. The show will educate newcomers and help them build realistic expectations in a fun and entertaining way. 

​When Does It Begin & Where Can I See It?

​The first episode will release to the public ​in November, with one episode per week being released ​thereafter, like a traditional TV show. However, unlike a traditional TV show, all episodes will be published on Youtube, Facebook, and a special platform we have created for supplemental content, ​in-depth interviews, and industry ​best practices. 

​A Personal Note

​Being able to create this show has been the absolute opportunity of a lifetime for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ​envisioned​ myself alongside a prestigious film crew, having the chance to meet ​masterful business owners and ​learn about what makes them so successful. In the process, I ​have been ​regularly reminded that THIS underestimation of myself is actually kind of the essence of the vacation rental movement: that people with no previous experience or training can do truly ​world-class things if they surround themselves with the right people. My "right people" ​are my Inner Circle ​colleagues: ​they ​are my ​neighbors, my mentors, my surrogate mothers and fathers, ​and my ​friends. I ​could not and would ​not have ​done this show without them​​.

I look forward to sharing all the beauty that vacation rentals have to offer!

About the Author Matt Landau

Matt Landau is the Founder of the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog and the Inner Circle, two online resources dedicated to helping vacation rental owners and managers generate more bookings. Google+ | More Posts (230)

  • Awesome job Matt. I had the biggest grin on my face watching.

  • Looks epic, Matt. We’re so excited to watch it!

  • Jeanine Domicone

    This is the best news I’ve had all week! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store.

  • Can’t wait to see it.

  • Andy Thoms

    So very cool and timely. There are so many wonderful stories and experiences to be shared around the vacation home and home sharing lifestyle. Excited to watch, learn, and grow richer in the vacation home, adventure travel, and Airbnb lifestyle experiences.

  • Jane Probst Moore

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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    Inspiring! Love it.

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    Fabulous! Can’t wait to watch them all!

  • Congratulations & Thank UU for all you do Matt! The Video Rocks!

  • JanStevensDesign

    Congratulations and much success!!! The world will be blessed to learn about Matt Landau. You have a gift to share for sure.

  • Fabulous as we would all expect it to be with you behind it Matt! Can we share this yet more widely?

    • Matt Landau


  • Tarina Rodriguez

    Great job Mateo! te felicito 😉

  • So exciting Matt…can hardly wait to see the first episode. It’s gonna be great!

  • Amy Knebel Larsen

    Congratulations Matt! So exciting. I got the chills watching the preview for a second time (since the first cut), so you are the right track. I can’t wait to watch.

    • Joel Samuel


  • Darik Eaton

    So excited for this. Trailer has me so excited for the end result. Thanks for doing your part in elevating and de-commoditizing this industry.

  • Matt Landau

    Thanks to EVERYONE for these kind words! We are so very excited to share our hard work from the last few months. Hoping to make everyone proud!

  • Nancy Robertson McAleer

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch “A Sense of Place” from an incredible individual on a quest to truly help others without a hidden agenda or a corporate brand backing it. It will crack open the world of vacation rentals like no other show possibly could. So proud to call Matt a friend and colleague and truly looking forward to each episode.

  • No Big Ting

    Breaking through to the next level, Matt! You’ll be great! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer the world.

  • The trailer is great. Looking forward to the shows.

  • CONGRATS Matt! WOW…this is so super exciting!!!! Can’t wait to watch it!!!!!!

    • Mamusu Tinson

      I love the trailer. Very professional and eye catching. If this same vibe carries over into the episodes, it’s going to be a big hit !!! Keep the energy going and let it reflect your style. Wishing you all the best.

  • Ed Bodman

    Creating an environment with joy, exploration, and recharging is why this business is so powerful. Thanks for amplifying our message

  • Andrew Douglas Campion

    It looks amazing, well done Matt, it’s inspiring for the whole community.

  • Valerie Rogers

    Congratulations on the new show, Matt! I know it will be great….and each show will be like a “mini vacation” in a new destination for the viewers. What a great way for someone to build a “wish list” of new places to visit & explore. I appreciate the positive impact the show will have on our industry. Can’t wait to view the first episode!

  • Vacation Rental Authority

    Great idea Matt, I am looking forward to your show. We will see you at the Liverez conference this October.

  • Bring on November… I cannot wait!! Love the trailer you’ve done Matt… creates a warm feeling and hints at something special to come. Seriously looking forward to this!!!

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    So excited to to watch this show based on the trailer. Thanks for being our advocate!

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    Very excited to be on this journey with you and the ICs members.

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    Awesome way to go! WE in VR world have a show! – VR is big time now! Can’t wait to watch!

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    Thank you for everything you do to legitimize and lift our industry!


  • Emily Santos

    I love it!! I wish you much success with this show!

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    Great job Matt! Great way to promote the industry. Looking forward to more and love the title, “A Sense of Place”!

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    Congrats Matt! Really exciting. Great trailer. (Let us know if you want a theme song; we might be able to help.)

    • Matt Landau

      WE MOST CERTAINLY DO! Please send ideas 😀

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    So awesome

  • Eleanor Parnell-Smith

    Big congrats! And excellent choice of title, it really is all about a Sense of Place. Look forward to November!

  • Lincoln Kroll

    Your show sounds terific! Is there any possiblity of our property being featured on it? It is a very uniqe, boutiqe villa on a tiny island in the Gulf of Siam, Thailand. Our website is

  • Diana

    It sounds like a good idea. But it looks like another one of those shows that will be gearing towards the wealthy. Our little company is in a small but very popular tourist town in the mountains of Colorado. Our cabins are very simple and affordable for those with families. More the middle class and I am sure not exciting enough for your show. Also your show will be highlighting homeaway and airbnb which a lot of us management companies do not use anymore due to there very bad customer service. I am glad it will be only on you tube and such. I’ll check out the show but I guarantee it will not highlight the experience that our guests come back for every year.

    • Matt Landau

      Hoping we can prove you wrong, Diana!

    • As someone involved in one of the episodes I can guarantee it is NOT geared towards the wealthy but rather those looking for a true experience with good knowledgeable hosts. Like you we have guests who come back again and again and it IS the experience they seek and find. Please hold your judgment until you have seen it!

  • Elisabeth Powers

    This is wonderful news, you truly give us hope, Matt! As a one-villa owner on Skiathos Island, Greece (filming location of Mamma Mia), I would love to be part of the adventure, along with two other villa owner friends I want to warmly recommend. How can I sign up? Our site is

  • Elisabeth Powers

    This is wonderful news, you truly give us hope, Matt! As a one-villa owner on Skiathos Island, Greece (filming location of Mamma Mia), I would love to be part of the adventure, along with two other villa owner friends I want to warmly recommend. How can I sign up? Our site is

  • Shaun Stewart

    When on earth do you sleep Matt?!?!

  • Laura Christine

    Hola Matt,

    Is there a prototypical vacation rental host?

    How do we try-out for the show?

    I buy, remodel, stage, market, manage and host (8) coastal vacation homes that entertain guests located from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR.

    What sets us apart:
    – Coastal homes with Views
    – Close to the Beach
    – Remodeled entertainer homes
    – Large entertaining spaces inside and out
    – Super “local” unique designs

    How I got started: While pursuing my 20+ year career in sports marketing and sales (Adidas, NBA, Ticketmaster, SKECHERS, etc.) I moved every few years. So in 1996 I bought my first home and started the “shared economy” by renting rooms to colleagues and friends while remodeling the homes on the side too. Before you knew it I had several homes.

    After some hardships that almost killed and destroyed me (a loaded gun pointed to my head, domestic violence, restraining orders, $300K forgery, insurance fraud, guns (illegal assault weapon/ convicted felon), drugs, alcohol and finally a divorce) I fought for “justice” and earned my safety independence back to control my own destiny! I started renting my own home as a vacation rental to pay the mortgage and legal bills.

    Now I have 8 coastal entertainer homes from San Diego to Portland, OR and a thriving business while pursuing living life to the fullest. Below are my homes.

    1. “Mission Beach Point Views Volleyball Penthouse” Entertainer – ON the Pacific Ocean & Steps to Famous South Mission Volleyball Beach & Mission Point Bay Park.
    Feel like you are on a BOAT with Ocean, Sunset, Sunrise Views from EVERY Window & Deck. Entertain with Hot Tub, Sauna, 2 Grills & Lounging View Area
    (Sleeps 5)

    2. “Mission Beach Jamaica” Entertainer – STEPS to Mission Beach & Mission Bay
    A Brand NEW REMODELED Beach Vibe Home, steps to MISSION BEACH, MISSION BAY, the Pacific Ocean (PB), 5 decks with OCEAN VIEWS, bike paths, walk to restaurants, enjoy the nightlife, shopping, coaster, Belmont Park and SeaWorld!
    (Sleeps 16)

    3. “Mission Beach Jamaica Flat” Entertainer – STEPS to Mission Beach & Mission Bay
    A Brand NEW REMODELED Beach Vibe Home, steps to MISSION BEACH, MISSION BAY, the Pacific Ocean (PB), BBQ deck with OCEAN VIEWS, bike paths, walk to restaurants, enjoy the nightlife, shopping, coaster, Belmont Park and SeaWorld!
    (Sleeps 6)

    4. “Pacific Beach Mermaid” Entertainer – 2-3 blocks to Crown Point Shores
    A Brand NEW REMODELED Modern Beach Vibe Home 2-3 Blocks from Mission Bay, Crown Point Shores, Parks, Bike Paths, Blocks to Enjoy the Nightlife, Shopping & Restaurants!
    (Sleeps 16)

    5. “El Segundo Beach Entertainer” – 6-7 blocks to Crown Point Shores
    “Large Entertainment Beach Home with Hot Tub, Pool and Views!”
    Manhattan Beach Adjacent in the Los Angeles Beach Cities/South Bay
    (Sleeps 30)

    6. Pacific Beach / La Jolla “Tourmaline Beach” Entertainer – 7-8 blocks to Mission & Tourmaline Beaches
    Brand New Remodeled Vacation Home, 7 blocks to the BEACH, famous “PB” and hip “LJ” Birdrock activities, nightlife!

    7. “La Jolla Skylark” Entertainer – 1.4 miles just down the hill
    Luxury home with 180-degree OCEAN, SUNSET & SeaWorld FIREWORK VIEWS!
    (Sleeps 22)

    8. “Portlandia” Entertainer – 3.1 miles to Willamette River / Broadway Bridge
    A brand NEW REMODELED 1920 Craftsman Home (30 days minimum; Portland Short-Term Ordinance)
    (Sleeps 25)

    I would love to tell my story to help others support the vacation home industry.

  • Nancy Robertson McAleer

    Cannot wait for this!