The “Single Guest Perspective” Formula [Workshop Summary]


Note: This workshop has already taken place. The full workshop with Q&A session can be accessed inside the Inner Circle here.

The "Single Guest Perspective" has become key to owners and managers who want to make sure that providing a spectacular guest experience is at the core of everything they do. Harping on an independent's greatest competitive advantage against listing sites, the SGP Formula aggregates data from all touch points of a single guest's journey: SGP is both a theory and an actionable process.

In big companies, a guest's data is held across a number of different departments (marketing, billing, customer service...etc.) whereas independent vacation rental owners and managers have a unique advantage. No matter how many properties you have, the SGP can provide in-depth data on any given individual guest, with their moments presented in chronological order to allow a clear picture of the entire journey. Having this kind of powerful holistic view of activity enables us to develop deep, actionable insights into building better repeat and referral guests.

Use listing sites to generate the seeds. Use SGP to cultivate and watch your garden grow.

The worksheet we refer to in this executive version of the workshop can be downloaded here.

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