Short Term Rent, Long Term Win with Matt Hoffman

Matt Landau
August 15, 2019

I’ve known Matt Hoffman for what feels like an eternity. I remember talking to him back when I was running my vacation rental business in Panama in 2008 and his passion and enthusiasm for vacation rentals has not faded since…if anything they’ve sharpened.

Matt is the Senior Vice President and Product Leader at Kigo, which is a vacation rental management software company. Our conversation about Matt’s childhood, education, and entrepreneurial spirit is jammed packed with useful insight: we examine the exciting and historic crossroads of real estate, technology, and hospitality. It’s fair to say I left significantly smarter than when we started. 

Below are the links from this conversation, but if you want to innovate like Matt, consider a demo with our friends at PointCentral (free HVAC Analytics included from this landing page):

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