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Vacation rentals can be a life-changing business.

But due to a surge in popularity, the requirements of the job are more challenging than ever. 

VRMB Communities helps vacation rental owners and managers automate and delegate tasks, so you can focus on creating memories for guests.

3 Speedbumps To Vacation Rental Control 

What it takes to run a profitable and sustainable vacation rental business in 2021 is dramatically different than it used to be. Here are the top challenges you're likely to face...

Cartoon by Scott Brierley

1. Limited Bandwidth

Behind the scenes, most vacation rentals resemble a one-person show with you -- the main character -- trying to keep all the plates spinning, while tending to guests, while managing a cast of supporting actors (housekeeping/maintenance), while simultaneously tending to other life priorities. If you don't delegate and automate, your limited bandwidth bursts at the seams. 

2. Managing (Increasingly Unrealistic) Expectations

Guest expectations are becoming almost impossibly unrealistic. Without deliberate expectation management, travelers expect the world -- then penalize you if you don't meet their expectations with a reputation-sinking 1-star review.

3. Slow Decision-Making

Decisiveness is money. How to handle a delicate refund request? What software fits your unique needs? What wording gets your point across respectfully? Indecision is a very inefficient process -- one of the most painful hamstrings to owners and managers in pursuit of growth. 

In vacation rental management, every minute you're spending on these speed-bumps, that's one minute you're not booking vacation memories for guests. 

Have You Experienced These Warning Signs?

As a vacation rental entrepreneur, here are some of the challenges that tend to zap momentum and enthusiasm, even if you're on the right track...  

By David McElroy

By David McElroy

"I'm Riding Solo"

You've closed a big booking or received a 5-star review, but you're riding solo, so there's no one to celebrate with and the excitement evaporates. Or, you've just had a costly mistake that you know could have been avoided if someone had warned you about it. If you're riding solo, you lack the data points to stay motivated on your journey. 

"I'm Not Tech-Savvy"

Your strength is hospitality: NOT being tech savvy and doing demos with software reps. You have limited time to begin with, so it's overwhelming trying to embrace "all this amazing new technology" in your business. 

"I'm Having Trouble Finding, Training & Retaining Employees"

The pandemic has made the (already) tricky task of assembling your dream team harder. You're offering more than ever, retention levels seem to be at all-time lows, and there's no clear rockstar candidates on the horizon.

"I'm Experiencing Toxic Side-Effects Of Social Media"

Searching social media for answers from a trustworthy colleague feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Youtube takes you down rabbit holes and Facebook group's inflammatory rhetoric takes its toll on your wellbeing. You may find the answers but you aren't building relationships that come in handy down the line. 

"I'm Shriiiiiinking (My Already Slim Margins)"

All these added costs are eating away at your already slim margins. The same business model you started with seems now less profitable despite increased demand.   

"I May Be Getting Complacent"

Also known as resting on your laurels, your past accomplishments have created a sense of invulnerability and a perceived guarantee of future success. But in an industry that changes rapidly, this complacency may feel a false sense of security.

What Is Our Solution? 

What is VRMB Communities? 

VRMB Communities is the membership forum of VRMB, but that's just the technical definition. It's actually a "safe space" where thoughtful and experienced vacation rental enthusiasts ask questions, get answers, share discoveries, and build their one-of-a-kind vacation rental brands, together. 

What Problems Do We Solve? 

When you sign up for VRMB Communities you are choosing to work smarter (not harder) on your business. More specifically, we solve problems in... 

  • Delegating: We help you identify the marketing activities you are good at (ex. correspondence) , then guide you into automate or delegate everything else (ex. graphic design).  
  • Messaging: We assist you channeling your "Limited Edition" identity through listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, email correspondence, and website development. 
  • Streamlining: We suggest tools and best practices that will make your business streamlined and your decision-making more efficient. 

What Makes The Forum Unique?

VRMB Communities is the oldest paid forum for vacation rental professionals. Our user-base has grown steadily over the years (today we're at 930+ members) and our team, including founder Matt Landau, are online 15-20 times per day facilitating discussions and summarizing the most important information in the form of weekly digests (for anyone short on time). We do not allow sales pitches or self-promotion of any kind.

What Makes Our Members Different?

VRMB Community members are known for their generosity and creativity. Our members (mostly owners & managers with 1-100 properties) chose to migrate to a safe space where their time and opinions are respected. Because our members were turned off by social media groups, we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding fighting or inflammatory rhetoric. 

How Does A Forum Affect My Bottom Line?

If you place a value on solving costly problems quickly or see the monetary upside of more direct bookings in your business, VRMB Communities will become an invaluable part of your monthly routine. A strong vacation rental brand is likely the most valuable asset of a business. We help you build it properly and true to yourself.   

Who Is The Right Fit?

The vast majority of our members are owners and managers with anywhere from 1-100 vacation rental properties under their curation. The result? Marketing and operational perspectives from companies bigger AND smaller than yours: helping you do smarter problem solving. 

$55 per month
You Can Cancel Anytime

Note: VRMB Membership is a recurring membership. This means that your credit card will be automatically billed, when your membership comes up for renewal. However, there’s nothing to fear, as the system allows you to cancel your membership at any time, (you can do this from your own computer) and your card will NOT be re-billed in the next cycle.

Membership Includes:  

"The Listing Site Independence Vault" including 18+ marketing workshops, 20+ ebooks, 12+ premium courses, 48+ templates/contracts/workflows, 100+ hours of video content

Brain Trust: real-time questions and answers from 930+ Community colleagues in realtime

Goal-Setting & Accountability: Matt Landau and the VRMB Faculty will help you achieve your direct booking goals

Covid19 Recovery Forum: Housekeeping, maintenance, and labor solutions resulting from the pandemic

You Can Cancel Anytime

Portrait photo of Matt Landau. He's wearing a dark blue dress shirt. He has a big smile and his arms are crossed.

“Matt's the Tony Robbins of the vacation rental industry” ⁠—Kirby Winfield, CEO Dwellable