"The Agile Approach"

How To Build The Ultimate Vacation Rental Tech Stack [PDF]

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Your relationship with technology is a strong indicator of your growth 🚀  

But unless you are a software nerd like Terry Whyte, you’re not doing demos with every software on the market. Without a roadmap you will burn out 🔥 trying to keep up (we see this happen all the time). 

The Agile Approach is a layman's guide to assembling the ultimate vacation rental technology stack. Our method is flexible (used by all sizes and skill levels of entrepreneurs) and timeless (effective today and every step of the way to building your vacation rental business).

Details: 1 PDF document, 14 pages, 5-Step process, BONUS 'Buyer Beware' Property Management Software Pitfalls Guide,  Q&A included, **No Refunds.**

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