The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 1: Bali, Indonesia

​I am thrilled to finally share the first episode of Season 2 of The Vacation Rental Show (aka. the artist formerly known as "Sense of Place.")

For this, my first ever visit to Asia, I visit Inner Circle member Mailie Green of Global Villas Ltd. to practice balancing a basket on my head, discerning between vegetables and pig innards at the market, swimming with a shark, eating funky bacon with locals, and trekking up a cliff with a gazillion people, all while searching for the answer to this question: 

In these days of overtourism, how does a place that's been so popular with tourists for decades, successfully manage to preserve its soul?

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For those of you who watched Season 1 of the show, here are a few things you may notice about Season 2:

1. Upgrades in storytelling​

We have tried to do a few new things, including "talking head" interviews of me and several characters in each destination in order to give the voice overs some lift (this was a big area for improvement from season 1). We've also added one universal "host tip" and one "traveler tip" per episode designed to be applicable anywhere, anytime. Lastly, each episode this season will start with a question, giving some direction and context to the story.

2. Look & Feel​

You may observe some differences in colors and videography. This is all due to Stuart and Tammy's upgrades in equipment -- it's unbelievable how far some of these cameras and microphones have come in just one year! Even better drone shots this year and some fun GoPro angles. We've also kicked our music game up a notch to lend more emotion to the visuals.

3. New name, same great taste

We decided to change the name of the show, from Sense of Place to "The Vacation Rental Show with Matt Landau." We did this because one of our big challenges with "Sense of Place" was communicating what the show was about (especially seeing as though vacation rentals are relatively new). Coming out and saying up-front "this is a show about vacation rentals" we'll help new viewers understand the subject matter more clearly. Important for any emerging industry.

There are lots more things to talk about, but I'll save them for future emails, with one new episode dropping each Thursday for the next 9 weeks -- this Thursday, Montevideo, Uruguay!!

As always, it is a total honor to accept the challenge of depicting our great industry in the most authentic and meaningful way possible. If you know people who would appreciate the show, we appreciate all the sharing we can get!

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Feedback Feedback Feedback

As this is the first episode, I'd like to open up the floor to ANY kind of feedback ("more of this" or "less of that") you may have. As many of you know, I pour of these responses and take every single one into account. The goal of the show is to introduce travelers to the magic of vacation rentals. In doing this, we hope to subtly motivate vacation rental hosts to continue doing what makes them different, special, and fulfilled.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Om Swastiastu!

​This episode of The Vacation Rental Show with Matt Landau explores Bali through the eyes of local vacation rental professional Mailie Green of Global Villas, LTD. In this episode, Matt ventures to Ubud, the spiritual heart of Bali, and Candidasa, a quiet beach town with a festival that is completely out of this world. Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which lead us to explore the question of how a place that is so popular with tourists has managed to keep its soul? Season 2 of The Vacation Rental Show is presented by Click here to go Behind the Booking:

This Episode is dedicated to Kerry. Thank you to Yande, Komang, Norman, Wayan, and all the wonderful Balinese people who helped us create memories that will last a lifetime.Here are some of the people and businesses Matt encounters in this episode:

Mailie Green's Vacation Rental Business: Global Villas Ltd.

Villa Sagitta:

Villa Cocoa Maya:

Pejeng Traditional Market:

Tirta Empul Temple:

Bali Asli

The Vacation Rental Show is produced by Tammy Rowe and Stuart Hooper.Musicbed SyncID:MB010YOEZMOB6C4

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