The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 7: Lindsborg, Kansas

​I’d love for ​you to ponder this idea: while metropolitan cities and coastal regions are seeing massive growth, could the high costs, stress, and competition be creating a surprise opportunity for rural towns where...just about anything is possible?

Rural America doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Having spent most of my life living on a coast somewhere in the world, a place like Kansas certainly never made its way onto my travel radar. I always kinda assumed it was all football and cornfields. Not necessarily the kind of place I was dying to vacation. More often than not, the kind of place where people choose to leave.

​But some of the best travel I’ve ever experienced is where I least expected it. And reading up on it, the small town of of Lindsborg seemed anything but predictable. It’s nickname “little Sweden” was the first sign of whimsy — the first sign of many that things were about to get weird.

I traveled to meet Inner Circle leader Jim Prugh of Lindsborg Vacation Rentals in​ Kansas to explore “how a place in the middle of nowhere can effectively put itself on the map.” ​

​"How does a place in the middle of nowhere effectively put itself on the map?" Watch this travel show on Kansas and find out. ​

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In this episode, there are a few interesting takeaways for vacation rental professionals:

  • ​All vacation rental professionals have a responsibility as small business owners. Consider participating in a local Ad-Hoc committee ​in order to solve local problems.
  • Presenting your guests with a local events calendar (Sweedish dancing, town water fight, concerts on the bridge) is an easy way to create memories.
  • If you don't live in the same town or city as your business, consider building "a brain trust" (as Jim calls it) to bounce ideas off and solve problems remotely.

Thanks to Jim, Vicki, Brian and the entire Lindsborg community for your leadership. And to Holly Lofton. ​We owe Holly the success of this entire trip -- one of the most impressive destination ambassadors we have met in the history of the show! Thank you for the tireless labor and care on our behalf.

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