The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 2: Montevideo, Uruguay

My #1 mission with VRMB is to make vacation rental learning fun. And one way to do that is depicting the industry as a traveler: meeting new destinations through a professional vacation rental business. This week takes us to Montevideo to meet Karen Higgs, the owner of Casa Sarandi where we ask the question:

Can a ​destination we've never heard of before become a place ​we'll never forget? 

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For those of you who like some of the "behind the scenes" information, here's some fun stuff to keep an eye out for in Montevideo.

1. The Rain​

We visited Montevideo in it's "low season" and ​unfortunately it rained some of the trip. Weather that does not cooperate can be a challenge to all vacation destinations, but instead of avoiding the topic completely, we decided to address it head on. I'd like to think that "what to do when the weather is bad" messaging is something any host can benefit from.

2. Introductions​

One of the best things that Karen does is refer her guests not just to businesses but to the people who run those businesses. The wine maker, the museum curator, the restaurant owner. This is a simple upgrade to your normal recommendations booklet that can leverage local contacts as a great differentiator.

3. Help, Don't Sell​

Karen is also the ultimate marketer and she has compiled all her "help don't sell" wisdom about the area into a guidebook and website called GuruGuay. This started off as a simple place to compile all her local tips, but has blossomed into a whole separate business that acts like the ultimate marketing engine for her vacation rental business. Not all hosts have the time or passion or ability to create a resource like GuruGuay, but starting off with a PDF document that you are proud of is a great start. 

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