The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 3: Park City, Utah

I've never really liked cold weather and the last time I went skiing was like 25 years ago. So in traveling to Park City I planned to find out what makes a quintessential ski vacation so popular? But as a hidden bonus, inner circle member Jeff Jensen and the team at Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes taught me a big lesson about the future of luxury travel! 

​What makes a quintessential ski vacation so popular? Hint: Choosing the right vacation rental can act as a gateway. 

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The exciting news is that it's stuff all owners and managers can do...

For those of you who lean towards the luxury end of the vacation rental market, ​Jeff and Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes is a really intriguing episode for a few reasons:

  • Jeff and his Utopian team have a luxury presence in 9 different cities, which is one of the biggest luxury vacation rental businesses I know about
  • As revealed in our podcast interview with Jeff, Utopian's experience curation plays into the hands of the little guys -- the smaller you are, the more you can crush this
  • Selling additional services like in-home chef and ski butler fittings can be additional income streams
  • Finding local operators with a great story (aka. the local celebrity) can turn any "normal" experience into a memorable one for your guests. 

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