The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 6: Rio de Janeiro

​As a child I remember seeing carnival on TV and following their famed soccer team in the world cup -- I envisioned this South American landmark almost like a separate world of samba and beaches and eternal fun.

​But reputations of destinations change. And most recently Brazil seems to have fallen on harder times: a moment in history where the headlines aren’t nearly as savory, and the perception for vacationers...its not the first place you’re wanting to go.

But there was a specific vacation rental in the capital Rio that always peaked my interest. It wasn’t long before I started to wonder, what’s it like to visit a legendary cultural destination when the news is telling you not to go?

What's it like to visit a cultural landmark when the press is telling you not to go? #brazil #rio

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In this episode, there are a few interesting takeaways for vacation rental professionals:

  • The Coral Penthouse is an archetype of Limited Edition: notice how in addition to just the look and feel of this penthouse, the host adds touches that a hotel could never replicate
  • The role of in-person check-ins as "the new luxury" in an age of technology
  • How local sporting events can become almost-religious experiences when attended with a passionate fan
  • Anxiety: as a host, it's easy to get nervous about every guest and whether or not they'll have a good time. This is normal. It's also important. NOT caring would be the opposite and that's a dangerous kind of hospitality to play. 

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