The Vacation Rental Show, Episode 4: St. John, USVI

This episode is one of the most special we have ever created. It features St. John in the US Virgin Islands, which was hit by two Cat 5 hurricanes less than a year before we arrived.

And while the people of St. John were down, they were not out. In this unique episode featuring Inner Circle member slash dancing fiend Karla Gustafson of Tropical Blessings, we ask the question: What's it like to vacation somewhere that can really use your help?

​What's it like to vacation somewhere that can really use your help?

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In watching this episode you may laugh or cry. You may hope or admire: a tiny corner of the earth where the residents' respect for one another is rivaled only by a collective love for the place they call home.

For those of you who have been following the growth of the show and the vacation rental movement as a whole, I'd like to present a few salient questions to contemplate before you watch:

  • How can vacation rentals (around the world) play a role in disaster recovery?
  • What is community? And what is your vacation rental's role in your community?
  • Why is someone like Karla such a memorable host?
  • Who in your life has come out of the woodwork to help through adversity?

I don't ask for favors too often, but would love to ask if you could share this episode with anyone you know who believes in the underdog: anyone who admires people for trying moreso than they do for their success. St. John is the ultimate story of what this show is all about. 

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