Unlocked Season 6: Magic Zones

VRMB is thrilled to announce Season 6 of Unlocked by Matt Landau, a podcast that invites you to be a fly-on-the-wall with some of the most creative vacation rental professionals in the world.

Some vacation rental pros have benefited uniquely from Covid19, experiencing record-breaking occupancy and revenue numbers due to the standalone nature of their homes and the drive-to nature of their markets. 

But with attractive new customer segments and lots of tantalizing "white space" to expand offerings, many of our colleagues are being tempted to stray from their roots. For a limited edition industry, how do small businesses successfully navigate this new world of opportunity without losing their soul? 

The answer is the theme of this season: by defining their  ?Magic Zones: the sweet spots that make up your long-term vacation rental success. 

Ideas? We'll Be Exploring...

This season will feature interviews with leading vacation rental professionals who are using sweet spots or "magic zones" in a time of surplus and uncertainty to ride this post-covid wave into true long-term success. Who have learned to embrace not just the destination but the journey. 

Some money questions we want to explore throughout the season: 

+ What tools allow you to do more business & make more money without investing more time/energy/labor? 

+ What safety and cleanliness activities are you doing differently?

+ How do you measure success in business and personal lives?  

+ What upper-boundaries or limits on growth allow you to remain focused on quality and details?

+ When do you reject scale in favor doing things manually (aka. the old fashioned way)

+ What elements of "lifestyle design" keep you rested, fulfilled, and motivated each day (aka. how to use 'magic zones' to avoid burnout)

This season is brought to you by...

Creating a podcast requires resources and we are honored to call PointCentral and Breezeway two of our fiercest supporters. Each provide a best-in-class product (smart home automation and property automations respectively) and we send clients their way regularly. They are also each winners of our Keystone Awards 2021. We don't endorse products or services lightly: these are two high-value tools for any tech stack. 

Behind The Scenes of Unlocked

We developed a unique workflow to create high-quality listening that is both entertaining and educational. And some listeners are often surprised to learn how much effort goes into the process! 

1. Season-wide Theme: We like to create a theme for the season, which gives us a prism through which to select and interview our guests. The themes also help for promotional purposes. This season the theme is Magic Zones. 

2. Research: Each of our interviewees are esteemed members of VRMB's Inner Circle community, but just because we know them doesn't mean we know ALL ABOUT them. We spend a good amount of time identifying each individual's "genius" -- the superpower they bring to the vacation rental game. We then structure the interview questions around that skeleton. 

3. Recording: We use a couple different tools depending on where we are. In person, it's a mobile recording studio (above). When virtual, we use Blue Microphones and the Zencastr audio platform. These interviews typically last 2hrs - 3hrs. 

4. Editing: This is when our Superproducers Stuart Hooper and Tammy Rowe of Mangofish Studios really shine. They edit down, restructure, smooth out the sound, integrate our sponsor mentions, and shape to the interview into something that is not only listenable but beautiful. We try to remove anything that does not provide value. The amount of time it takes to do this properly is typically 5-6 hours per episode. 

5. Packaging: Once the audio file is ready to be uploaded, Stuart and Tammy break out the select soundbytes we think are most poignant, which we share on social media and in blog posts when relevant. This season we'll also create the transcripts for the episodes for your downloading pleasure (new feature!

6. Distribution: We often say that creators need to spend 10x the time they invested creating the content actually distributing or sharing it. This is where the hard work begins. This season, VRMB's marketing guru Will Franco will take the reins of distribution, which will include a paid advertisement campaign on social media and outreach to our favorite partners. If you like an episode, sharing and tagging us means THE WORLD 🙂 

7. Rinse and Repeat: Once an episode is all wrapped up, we begin the next interview! This season, in order to cater to the fast-changing market, we'll be recording and releasing interviews more fluidly (as opposed to hoarding interviews for release one by one). We hope this allows us be agile and dynamic: to address current events in real-time the same way you are required to do with your business.