Here in one place are the vacation rental marketing concepts that have emerged from 10+ years of rigorous research into the question: What marketing activities generate direct bookings over time? 

Our marketing concepts are recognized widely by owners, managers, and vendors throughout the vacation rental industry. 

Which Concept Fits Your Needs?

We've prioritized all concepts based on ROI so that you're focused on the individual projects that matter. Start with Stage 1 and work your way up to Stage 4. Click on a concept to learn more.

Don't know where to begin? Cottage Industry 3.0 is a unique model designed to positively disrupt the traditional hotel market. Inspired by the original cottage industry of craft and small batch products — today’s vacation rental professionals use five rules to amplify their style of hospitality and make important decisions about growth.

Looking for software? Perhaps the biggest advantage today's vacation rental professionals have over their predecessors is technology. But with so much software on the market, how do you know which to choose? Once a year, VRMB performs the deepest independent dive of technology in order to recognize the best options for you (see: Keystone Awards).