The Agile Approach

"The Agile Approach" is an industry-first whitepaper that teaches vacation rental managers how to assemble their vacation rental technology stack for maximum flexibility and growth. The Agile Approach is so important, that it served as the theme of the VRMB's 2021 Keystone Awards.

Background: Since most vacation rental pros are not out there doing demos with every software on the market and most do not enjoy this technology trial and error process because they've got guests to take care of and owners to impress...  

When it comes to building a technology stack, most want to spend the least amount of time possible putting together the best tech solution on the market to fit their unique needs!

Tying to achieve this balance can be delicate, if not frustrating. Which is why it’s helpful to have a guiding principle to calibrate your various decisions. 

Agility is our favorite adjective for success in today’s software climate because things are changing so quickly. And the Agile Approach whitepaper is a several-step process that takes a lot of the guesswork out of assembling your ultimate tech stack. 

The Agile Approach is not a technique but a language: it provides a framework or a “safety net” for you to move beyond familiar limits. And while this research paper will apply the thinking to building your technology stack, we encourage you to go further and apply The Agile Approach logic to other spheres of your business. 

It's predicated on an important truth: No single rental Property Management Software does everything best-in-class.

The Agile Approach PDF explains how (1) selecting the right property management software combined with (2) understanding the 9 categories of 'plug-and-play' software, allows any owner or manager, with any goals or combination of priorities, to build the ultimate technology stack. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you a summary of the Agile Approach. As a member of VRMB Communities, you can access the FULL Agile Approach PDF as well as our "Vault" of learning materials & discussions around software and more.

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