Customer Zero

Customer Zero is VRMB's customer service philosophy which explains how the investment (time/energy/money) required to treat every guest like a white glove VIP is not an operational cost but rather a marketing investment with the power to fractal into repeat and referral business for years.

The smaller a vacation rental business, the more it has the ability cultivate Customer Zero: the raving fan (or family) who does the heavy lifting of marketing and sales for you (at no additional cost).

When VRMB looked back at the booking timelines of the highest-occupancy owners and managers, we noticed all of them gained traction with a "Customer Zero" (and in many cases several of them) -- a fanatical guest who spread the good word to their communities of fellow travelers. 

Some examples of Customer Zero guests: the mother on the school board, the soccer coach, the daughter of a family with large Instagram following, the travel writer and her boyfriend.

Recognizing the exponential growth associated with Customer Zero, combined with the reality that we do not know when Customer Zero may inquire, instead of crossing our fingers and waiting for them to appear, we treat every single guest as "the one." 

Customer Zero has three main phases:

  1. Preparation (everything that happens pre-arrival)
  2. Activation (using that intel along with processes to personalize the actual stay)
  3. Post-Departure (how you stay in touch with former guests.

Some vacation rental hosts cross their fingers and wait for Customer Zero to walk through the door. But for the control freaks among us, consider proactively cultivating Customer Zero starting with your next guest.