The Feeling of Premium

The Feeling of Premium is a staging model best described (from the perspective of the guest) as “having thought of all the little things.”

You’re likely familiar with The Feeling of Premium in your daily life: the packaging of a product or service that you hold in high regard, the extra or bonus touches you're gifted, the free quality item that's normally skimped on. 

Beyond the standards of cleaning and safety (which you're likely already doing) VRMB coined The Feeling of Premium: the small, thoughtful gestures that go into correspondence and home prep that let the guest know you've thought through everything. 

The result of achieving The Feeling of Premium is like a mist in the air that guests can’t quite put a finger on, which ends up cultivating your Customer Zero

When done well, investing in the "Premium" aspects (not to be confused with luxury or price-point) of a hospitality brand enhance the value of the booking, churn out 5-star reviews, stimulate repeat and referral bookings, while simultaneously reducing irrational complaints. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our vision for The Feeling of Premium. As a member of VRMB Communities, you can access the Feeling of Premium course content along with our "Vault" of learning materials & discussions around vacation rental branding and marketing strategies.

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