Force Field

The Force Field is acquired when an independent vacation rental business has effectively defined their goals and hit their sweet spot. It results in less stress, a moat-like defense from market shifts, and a deeper sense of purpose (aka. no burn out).

VRMB identified Force Field principles from beneath the surface of the most successful vacation rental businesses over time and throughout the world. 

Here are some of the themes: 

  • Disruption: Look to invest in things that others in your region can not do, will not do, or have never done before
  • Curation: Treating every guest like a VIP. When a VIP visits, you take notes and present curated suggestions they would like most. 
  • Reciprocity: Generosity earns trust and respect — the most valuable asset for the long-game. 
  • Independence: Freedom and doing business on your terms: using all the resources available, knowing what you are signing up for, and being prepared to make a move if you desire.

Note: When the pandemic hit, our members who had been practicing Force Field principles didn't just survive the adversity, they sling-shotted like rebound rockets to the leaders of their respective market places. This stuff works! 

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our vision of Force Field. As a member of VRMB Communities, you can access the Force Field course content along with our "Vault" of learning materials & discussions around vacation rental branding and marketing strategies.

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