Help, Don't Sell

Help, Don’t Sell is a strategy of marketing your vacation rentals that entails giving away valuable information about the area freely, in order to earn trust and respect from your prospective guests before they have even booked.

Most independent owners and managers have a tremendous amount of local knowledge that is of interest to visitors. And many share that knowledge when asked by a guest (often repeating the same information over and over again).  

VRMB's Help, Don't Sell mantra helps you build a structural. hub of free local information without any sales pitches. This philosophy leverages the most powerful sales tactic in the world -- reciprocity -- to generate bookings down the line.  

When asking, “What visitor can I help today?” owners and managers enter into an entirely different mental universe than if asking, “Who can I convince to reserve my rental today?”

As our cottage industry has gotten more competitive, with many Airbnb hobbyists clamoring for short term gains, HELPING is one irrefutable long-term marketing technique thing that attracts quality guests who respect your vibes.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our vision for Help, Don't Sell. As a member of VRMB Communities, you can access the Help, Don't Sell course content along with our "Vault" of learning materials & discussions around vacation rental branding and marketing strategies.

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