Limited Edition

The Theory of Limited Edition is an 8-part marketing checklist that was inspired by the world of collector's items and antiques. When implemented, the Theory of Limited Edition can help any vacation rental professional build a one-of-a-kind moat around their business.

Limited Edition is a way of standing out from the competition that involves amplifying your one-of-a-kind "vacation rental personality" and unique connection to a destination or home. 

By channelling what makes you and your business human, real, and different, you distinguish yourself and attract like-minded guests. 

The Theory of Limited Edition begins with the recognition of one brutal fact: the vacation rental industry is changing rapidly and with change comes stress:

  • How do I compete with the cheaper rentals down the block? 
  • How do I compete with the big box managers headquartered elsewhere? 

Since doing business on your terms is a non-negotiable for so many vacation rental professionals, VRMB chose to respond to these questions unearthing a powerful checklist of Limited Edition marketing activities that do not scale.

VRMB argues these non-replicable and non-scalable gestures are the wisest use of the independent's time, energy, and marketing budget: cutting through the noise of commodity vacation rentals: encapsulating the things that make the Cottage Industry unique, that empower a small RBO (rent by owner) or VRM (vacation rental manager) to scale...on their own terms. 

When activated, Limited Edition factors directly correlate with your ability to sustain market shifts and industry corrections. 

The Theory of Limited Edition is synonymous with sustainability and survival. 

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