Proximity -- getting close to a person or challenge -- is VRMB's #1 most-endorsed method of problem solving. Proximity is a mantra to combat what we refer to as "Murphy's Law of Vacation Rentals," anything that CAN go wrong WILL. 

VRMB interviewed 1,000+ of the most innovative vacation rental professionals in the world and noticed a pattern about how they were overcoming the most costly hurdles:

We can best sum the way they were all handling challenges with the word "Proximity" -- getting close to the problem to solve it. The principle of Proximity is based on three affirmations:

Affirmation #1: The vacation rental industry is young, which means many of the best hosts are DIY-types, solving their own problems on-site, spontaneously, on the fly. 

Affirmation #2: Vacation rental hospitality is dynamic: things are happening and changing all the time, which is why companies with a strong local presence tend to thrive while companies without this presence really struggle (shout out to Vacasa).

Affirmation #3: The vacation rental movement has a low barrier to entry which means plenty of bad apple hosts (and guests) are threatening to ruin the bunch.

Getting proximate means getting close to any guest, problem, or uncertainty as the most powerful way for you to better understand (then overcome) it. 

Proximity is based on the concept of a feedback loop where a kind of back-and-forth builds metabolism and muscle memory. Some examples of Proximity that you may be familiar with: 

  • A/B testing
  • Trial and error
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys

If you are facing a challenge with a guest, team member, competitor, neighbor, consider taking the problem by the horns, confronting the challenge head-on face-to-face, and letting the power of Proximity do its thing. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our vision for Proximity. As a member of VRMB Communities, you can access the Proximity course content along with our "Vault" of learning materials & discussions around vacation rental branding and marketing strategies.

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