The Inner Circle is the private community within VRMB and it is comprised of the following three departments.

1. Structured Learning

All the ebooks, courses, video tutorials, recorded workshops, and keynote presentations that VRMB has ever produced (dating back to 2012)

2. Discussion Forum

The most comprehensive and thoughtful Q&A forum online -- easy to search, easier to post, 100% free from negativity with only the occasional quirky side-tangent 🙂

3. Templates

Contracts, canned messages, policies, training manuals and other files "done for you"

We also host approximately 15 in-person events around the world each year, like this one (above) in which I asked members to explain the community in their own words.

Inner Circle members can be heard on the Unlocked Podcast and seen in The Vacation Rental Show. If you are a vacation rental professional who likes to learn from others and share victories in order to create a more sustainable industry moving forward, we look forward to seeing you inside!

Matt Landau
March 18, 2019