Your 3 Words for 2019

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IDEA: Instead of coming up with a big long list of New Years resolutions, which you will likely forget or lose or ignore, distill your greatest vacation rental ambitions down into 3 words. This takes time, input from others, and ideally some kind of wine. But once defined, these three words become your North Star: the simple and memorable mantra: the guiding principle that gets baked into everything you do. 

  • If you want to reduce your dependency on third party booking sites, consider Listing Site Independence
  • If you’re working too much or stressing too hard, consider Hire Quality People
  • If you want to excel with content marketing, consider Help, Don’t Sell
  • If you don’t love your vacation rental business anymore, consider Sell or Giveaway 
  • If you want to use your vacation rental business for good, consider ​something overarching like ​Assist the Environment
  • If you want to reach new heights you once thought unachievable, consider something with attitude like Bring it On
  • If you are beginning to lose sight of what you love, consider Enjoy the Ride or Smell The Flowers or Take Two Vacations
  • If you want to improve your vacation rental learning, consider Something New Monthly or Ask For Help

​Your three words need not be a cohesive thought. They can be three thoughts, independent of one another. For example, if you want to acquire more properties, improve your technology stack, and rest more, consider Owners. Tech. Sleep. If you want to improve personalization, offer more experiences, and make each guest feel like a VIP, consider the word Curate. If you want to get over your fear of being on camera and leverage the power of video, consider the word Video

ACTION: ​Share your three words below. ​And if you're struggling, consider this powerful challenge to Use Less Plastic by Bob Garner of The Star Throwers

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