EP 22: Handmade Pricing with Zaira Guzman – VRMB

EP 22: Handmade Pricing with Zaira Guzman

Zaira Guzman is the Director of Sales and Revenue Management at Bluewater Vacation Homes in San Diego. Since San Diego is such a competitive vacation environment, Bluewater’s recent occupancy growth (month upon month) isn’t attributable to much other than Zaira’s dynamic pricing skills, which means changing the nightly rates of properties to generate a fair return for the owner and a great value for the guest.

I have embedded the clip below where my mom and I meet Zaira for the seafood taco, because…seafood tacos!

What’s most reassuring about Zaira’s magic is that it’s not done with fancy tools or algorithms but manually, by hand the old fashioned way. I had the chance to sit down with Zaira in New Orleans during the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit.

If you want to innovate like Zaira, consider a demo with our friends at PointCentral (free HVAC Analytics included from this landing page): https://www.pointcentral.com/vrmb/
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