Multimedia "advocacy through storytelling"

Unlocked Podcast by Matt Landau: Season 9 (Homerunners) [2] 

Docuseries in production (2022-23) [1]

How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business by VRMB hosted by Dana Lubner [3]

The Vacation Rental Show by Matt Landau [4]

For inquiries and licensing opportunities email matt @ Please Note: All guests are members of VRMB Communities. Please no PR pitches.


1. Homerunners docuseries. (May 23, 2022) Backstory on PhocusWire. (Sept 29, 2022). Premier announcement on 
2. Unlocked Podcast: Spotify and Apple Podcast
3. How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business: Spotify and Apple Podcast
4. The Vacation Rental Show: YouTube

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