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VRMB (Vacation Rental Marketing Blog) has evolved its frameworks over the years to help short-term vacation rental owners and managers build successful and sustainable businesses. Founded in 2009, VRMB's first framework Listing Site Independence (LSI) focused on diversifying marketing channels beyond major listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. In 2018, Limited Edition shifted to branding around unique value propositions. Most recently in 2022, Parlay emphasizes hospitality gestures as the new marketing to convert one-time guests into repeat customers and advocates. Throughout its history, VRMB has provided innovative roadmaps to help short-term vacation rental owners and manages thrive independently on their own terms. You can learn more about these frameworks by clicking in the timeline below:


Listing Site Independence

Listing Site Independence (LSI) became the first ever marketing diversification framework for short term rental owners and managers who want to cultivate direct bookings over time.


Limited Edition

LSI was all about marketing and branding techniques. Limited Edition is a branding strategy: one-of-a-kind by design as your greatest defensive moat. 



Hospitality gestures are the new marketing. 

Limited Edition positioning set the stage for Parlay: the method of taking new leads from listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo and transforming them into repeat and referral guests through hospitality gestures

VRMB has pioneered innovative frameworks over a decade to empower short-term vacation rental owners and managers to build successful businesses on their own terms. From diversifying beyond major listing sites, to crafting unique branding, to leveraging hospitality gestures as marketing, VRMB's frameworks evolve to address the changing vacation rental landscape. At its core, VRMB aims to provide actionable roadmaps for professionals to thrive sustainably and independently. By learning from VRMB's decades of insights, short-term vacation rental owners and managers can continue adapting and innovating into the future.
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