Grassroots Advocacy - The Key to Beating Unfair Regulation

How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

'How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business’ is an educational podcast series hosted by vacation rental advocate Dana Lubner that will teach vacation rental managers how to solve their business’ greatest looming threat -- unfair regulation -- from the ground up.

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Navigating the Complex World of Vacation Rental Regulations

Hosted by veteran VR advocate Dana Lubner, 'How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business' is your guide to successfully maneuvering the regulatory landscape in the vacation rental industry. This educational podcast series offers more than just practical tips; it's a journey into the challenges and triumphs of professionals dealing with unfair restrictions. Each episode fuses personal experiences and advocacy strategies, providing invaluable lessons for vacation rental managers. Join us as we explore the dynamic regulatory challenges facing short-term rentals.

Discover the Depth of the Advocacy Journey

Through Dana's candid conversations, How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business delves deep into the real-world struggles managers face from bans and limitations. These stories shed light on the resilience and innovation needed to thrive in an industry fraught with regulatory threats. From grassroots activists to large operators, the podcast reflects the diversity of perspectives in vacation rental advocacy. The lessons shared spotlight the importance of community organizing, proactive engagement, and embracing change when necessary.

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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business is just the beginning. By joining the VRMB community, you gain access to a network of professionals who share your passion for the vacation rental industry. This community complements the insights from How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business, offering a platform for further discussion, application, and networking.

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Embark on Your Journey

How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business and the VRMB community invite you to be part of a vibrant and evolving industry. Whether you're seeking to stay ahead of trends, looking for inspiration, or aiming to grow your network, this podcast and community are your go-to resources. Explore, listen, and engage with us as we navigate the exciting world of vacation rentals together.

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Dana Lubner leads Rent Responsibly’s advocacy efforts, working closely with local alliance leadership teams to ensure their success.

Previously, Dana led Effortless Rental Group, a Colorado-based property management company, alongside her brother. When Denver created an ordinance that stifled the future of STRs in her community, she jumped into action with her local advocacy group, Mile High Hosts, of which she is now the President. She also serves on Denver’s short-term rental advisory committee (STRAC) with members of City Council.

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