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Surround yourself with the world's best Short Term Rental professionals. HOMERUNNERS℠ use the right technology to deliver limited edition hospitality one guest at a time. 

Hi, I'm Matt Landau

I spent the first 10 years of my career professionally managing vacation rentals. I eventually sold my business to my employees. But I couldn't leave the industry, so I began to study the industry and share my findings: my mantra "help, don't sell" attracted like-minded HOMERUNNERS℠, 10,000+ of whom now support our mission to unite a fragmented industry together.

Matt Landau
Founder VRMB
“If you are looking for something new and fresh, Matt is in a league of his own. While this may sound like a commercial, I have had very limited direct interaction with Matt. This is an observation of the true professionalism he brings. I have always wanted to share this experience with others. ”
Carlos Corzo

CEO Streamline

How Is VRMB Different?

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (VRMB) does not teach people how to get rich off Airbnb over-night (there are plenty of other sites that purport to do this). Instead, we explore how to think about your craft in creative new ways. 

We challenge owners and managers to think about marketing authentically, technology confidently, and guests personally in order to create memories that last a lifetime: and to do so on your terms (not some big corporation headquartered across the country).  

VRMB was created for any vacation rental owner or manager who wants to participate and find purpose in a movement of unsuspecting entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing hospitality. We unite the dreamers.