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Makeover Session 3.1: How Video Generates More Bookings

If you don’t believe that video is THE marketing & communications method of the future, consider these statistics: Video now accounts for 1/2 of all mobile web traffic1 1 minute of video is

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Makeover Session 3.0: Want To Stand Out? Send A Newsletter

We all want to stand out from a crowd. And while the mobula rays (above) have their own way to do that, our Inner Circle community focuses on three main things: Attraction (how to stand out and generate

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Makeover Session 2.8: Holly & Alanna’s Progress Reports

Below I’m sharing feedback from both Holly and Alanna on their progress in this, the first 3 months of their vacation rental website makeoves since our big reveals. I’ve also shared a glimpse

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Makeover Session 2.7: The Best Blogging Formula Ever

Once you have built a website, blogging (or the act of publishing short informational posts in chronological order) is one of the biggest ongoing maintenance “costs” necessary for success. One

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Makeover Session 2.6: How To Get Your Website Ranking In Organic Google Searches

It’s the dream of owners like Holly and Alanna to put themselves in the shoes of potential guests, to search Google for vacation rental options in the area – using phrases such as “Yosemite vacation

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Makeover Session 2.5: A 60-Second Search That Directly Increases Your Annual Profit

“I have a website but it doesn’t generate any inquiries.” If you are thinking this, there are two main things to consider: 1) Is your website optimized for inquiries? Just building a website is the

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MAKEOVER SESSION 2.4: Measuring Website Growth With Analytics

The foundation for any great vacation rental website is a platform for analytics. It was the subject of my talk at the HomeAway Summit and it’s actually something I find incredibly fulfilling. Analytics,

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Makeover Session 2.3: The Big Reveal(s)

Have you ever asked a perfectionist for something before it’s ready? The artist before the painting is complete? The chef before the dish is properly seasoned? The sister or wife or mother or girlfriend

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Makeover Session 2.2: I Have A Website…Now What?

The theme for this year’s VR Marketing Makeover is “OK, I have a website…now what?” Winners & Runners-Up For This Makeover Can Be Found Here. If you already have a website, great! We will be

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Makeover Contest Winner + Three Special Twists

> Link To Amy Firmani’s Makeover Series > Link To Makeover #2 Contest Submissions Page > Holly and Jeff’s Vacation Rental In Yosemite National Park > Alanna Schroeder’s VR in Kauai >

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Makeover Session 2.0: The Clever Blog Post That Everyone Should (And Can) Publish Tomorrow

If you haven’t heard, I am working to totally makeover one lucky vacation rental owner’s marketing portfolio live (and step-by-step) for my subscribers to follow. You can read all the prior posts here. There

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