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How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business

‘How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business’ is a 10-part educational podcast series hosted by vacation rental advocate Dana Lubner that will teach vacation rental managers how to solve their business’ greatest looming threat -- unfair regulation -- from the ground up. The 10 parts are designed to be listened to sequentially (in order).

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Note: Advocacy to protect your destination from unfair regulation is an ongoing pursuit -- it does not happen over night. We recommend it alongside a diversified marketing portfolio (LSI) and a strong rental property management software.

Hear what our listeners have to say

"Where do alternative accommodations fit in our community? Without active participation, the sector’s bad apples are threatening to ruin the bunch." — Amy, VRMIntel

"Whether you’re in the business or simply enjoy staying at one, its everyone’s responsibility to join this conversation."
— Taylor, ERG

"Thanks for leading the charge on this critical industry topic. Sometimes I think “it couldn’t happen to us,” but that’s a flawed belief system" — MJ, Paradise Beach Rentals



In this teaser clip, meet Dana, say hello to Matt, and get a listen to some of the industry voices that will be helping us explore just how to save your vacation rental business.

1. The Wake-up Call

In this Episode, The Wake-up Call, you’ll meet Dana and hear from voices around the industry about the scope of the problem and how the pandemic has made regulation an even more volatile issue. We’ll explore the concept of advocacy and community and hear four key takeaways that are critical for your vacation rental business right now.

2. Journey into Advocacy

In this episode, you'll hear how Dana got into advocacy, and how she's been able to take it farther than she ever thought possible. As we explore Dana's journey, we'll hear from industry voices that ended up on similar paths despite starting from radically different backgrounds. You'll learn how to start your own journey or inspire others to start their own.

3. Go Together

In this episode, you'll hear why we go farther when we go together. You'll also learn key steps and techniques for starting and running a sustainable host group and how to build relationships for your vacation rental business once you've got it going.

4. The Big Day

In this episode, you'll learn step by step how Dana and her group created the Good Neighbor Summit and learn why a similar event could be critical for your community building and advocacy efforts. You'll also hear from other vacation rental business owners around the industry that have bootstrapped their own events and conferences.

5. Money

In this episode, Dana accepts a challenge from Matt to put Mile High Hosts on firm financial footing. Together, they explore key ideas around generating revenue that host groups need for community and advocacy efforts.

6. We Need to Talk

In this episode, you'll learn the critical importance of host group communications to the advocacy effort and the challenges that every vacation rental business faces in bettering them. You'll learn how to improve existing efforts, and how emerging virtual community platforms fit into the Covid-19 age and beyond.

7. Tell Your Story

In this episode, you'll get an absolute masterclass on how to work with the media from Dana's secret weapon: Alex Lawson of Social Security Works. Dana, Alex and more industry voices also explore how telling your story can go beyond the media and have a direct effect on your relationships with government and community groups.

8. When It All Goes Wrong

In this episode, we take a look back at the season and provide our 'super-takeaways' from this journey through community-based advocacy. Our voices from around the vacation rental business sphere share their thoughts and ideas for the future of professional vacation rental businesses.

9. Big Ideas

In this episode, we explore big ideas driving advocacy and all vacation rental businesses forward. We dive into regulation, taxation, OTAs, and antis. Dana also walks us through her new licensing initiative in Denver and her process for coming up with big ideas.

10. Where Do We Go From Here?

In this episode, we take a look back at the season and provide our 'super-takeaways' from this journey through community-based advocacy. Our voices from around the industry also share their thoughts and ideas for the future of professional vacation rental businesses.

I'll take this chance to share how much I admire Dana and everything she has accomplished in her vacation rental career thus far. As one of those "unsuspecting" leaders who decided to step up and defend her vacation community in Denver, it's been really fun to watch her analytical mind go to work unpacking the bigger advocacy puzzle.

I would also like to thank our friends @MattR and Track Hospitality Software for backing this project. Ever since Track was awarded one of our inaugural Keystone Awards last year, we've been looking for ways to work together. TRACK is a phenomenal rental property management software. These kinds of partnerships that allow us to share important stories and lessons and to do so with companies we really like: they are good for the vacation rental industry and the soul. We are very appreciative for that support!