Keystone Awards 2021

VRMB believes that technology represent the single biggest area for opportunity in the emerging vacation rental sector. It makes virtually any goal feasible. So long as you understand and embrace it.

Welcome to the Keystone Awards 2021 the industry's first and only unbiased awards program dedicated exclusively to researching the most exciting vacation rental software. This program aims to recognize a generation of technology that is advancing the modern vacation rental manager further and faster than ever before.

To complement the wide-world of property management software, this year's Keystone Awards include fan-favorite third-party vacation rental software as well.

This Year's Theme is Agility

Historically, the Keystone Awards program has focused solely on rental property management software. But this year we have chosen to expand our scope by including specialist companies in the emerging third-party vacation rental software market.

These ancillary tools, when used in conjunction with a strong rental property management software, begin to show us vacation rental managers of the future.

All of the companies we have chosen this year champion the concept of agility: the ability as a vacation rental manager to move quickly and easily when you hit a roadblock: the ability to stay agile and use the best tool for any given job.

Agility is our favorite adjective for success in 2021 because the software market is evolving so rapidly. Agility gives you the chance to generate more revenue, be more efficient, and work more on the Limited Edition activities that you get credit for with guests. These activities are the foundational layer of any successful direct booking campaign, the holy grail of vacation rental management.

How To Use These Suggestions

Today there exists more technology for small vacation rental business growth than ever in history. It seems like every month new amazing tools are entering the market. The challenging part is keeping up with it all!

The Keystone Awards program is about more than just recognizing specific companies. It's about raising the awareness of new technology.

Even if you're not looking for any new vacation rental software at the moment, we encourage you to browse our Winners page and make a mental note of any company or feature that seems interesting. Knowing what's going on is the first step to assembling your tech stack.

Be sure to check back to this mini-site as we'll be publishing interviews with software experts over the course of the year.

Your Input Matters

This project is built on the feedback and input from thousands of vacation rental managers.

If you are a user of any given vacation rental software, helping spread the good word about your favorite companies is key in our emerging sector. We all need each other to succeed! Feel free to click reply to any VRMB email detailing your experience with any company you feel deserves to be included (or excluded) in our next program. Or if you would like to join our advisory panel.

The Keystone Awards is a completely independent production, which means no venture capital, bosses, or shadowy moneymen (or moneywomen) influencing our decisions. And we have every plan to keep it that way.

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