Limited Edition

One-of-a-kind by design is your greatest defensive moat.

Family owned-operated
Local HQ
Specialized niche
LTD 9x16

LSI was all about marketing and branding techniques. Limited Edition is a branding strategy: one-of-a-kind by design as your greatest defensive moat. 

Most vacation rental stakeholders want to build high-quality, profitable, and meaningful business, not publicly-traded companies. 

Inspired by the world of collector's items and antiques, Limited Edition acts like a prism through which any vacation rental professional (or small business really!) can build a one-of-a-kind moat around their business.

The pillars of Limited Edition are the core differentiators which help us stand out from commodity and hotel competition. Repetition of these pillars in all copywriting and interactions is key: almost to the point of exhaustion. 

By channelling what makes your business Limited Edition, you distinguish yourself and attract like-minded guests.

And not unlike collector's items, guests who are attracted to limited edition offerings tend to be like-minded humans: they form connections among themselves! What an extraordinary thing!  

Limited Edition cuts through the noise of commodity vacation rentals and branding nonsense: it encapsulates the things that make our cottage industry unique: the inherent features that empower a vacation rental professional to achieve our own individual versions of success...on our terms.

Family owned-operated

Using all the listing sites (worldwide, geographic- and special interest-niche) to generate new bookings

Local (not headquartered elsewhere)

Building a strong identity (name, logo, About Us story, custom email address) as your brand

Specialized in property type or niche

Bolting on tools like a website, email marketing campaign, and blogging to your Foundation

Surprising like a boutique hotel

Implementing advanced activities (like PPC, SEO, PR, & conversion optimization) that compound over time