Listing Site Independence

The First-Ever Marketing Diversification Framework

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Listing Site Independence (LSI) became the first ever marketing diversification framework for short term rental owners and managers who want to cultivate direct bookings over time.

Operating his vacation rentals in Panama at the time, Founder, Matt Landau foresaw listing sites Airbnb and HomeAway becoming addictive partners to property owners and managers. He believed it would become TOO EASY to equate results from listing sites like Airbnb & Vrbo with "success." And that doing so would become dangerous: defining an independent creator's success to the ebbs and flows of a monolithic (now-publicly traded) company has plenty of caveats. 

So what was the solution?

VRMB identified the four primary Stages of marketing diversification.

Each Stage is comprised of time-sensitive activities. And the activities are prioritized based on ROI and speed of implementation. New LSI students begin at Stage 1 and work their way to Stage 4. One of the most important lessons is prioritizing in order to avoid overload. Once students identify what Stage they currently fall into, the 4 Stages of Listing Site Independence guides them with individual steps needed to get to where they want to go. Many active members see upwards of 50% direct bookings. 

Stage 1: Using All The Listing Sites

Using all the listing sites (worldwide, geographic- and special interest-niche) to generate new bookings

Stage 2: Establishing Personality & Professionalism

Building a strong brand (name, logo, About Us story, custom email address)

Stage 3: Bolting On Powerful Tools

Bolting on tools: a website, email marketing campaign, blog, property management software

Stage 4: Advanced & Ongoing Campaigns

Implementing advanced activities (like PPC, SEO, PR, & conversion optimization) that compound over time