The "4 Stages Of Listing Site Independence" Model
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​Listing Site Independence (LSI): Executive Summary

​The video above is a summary of the full workshop, a 35-minute presentation designed to walk you through each stage of this innovative marketing plan. To watch the full presentation and to receive your own personal Self-Grader, please fill out the form below...


​If you're not ready for the full workshop, feel free to use the infographic below as a guide. We look forward to hearing back from you when the timing is better! 

The 4 Stages Of Listing Site Independence (LSI)

The 4 Stages Of Listing Site Independence by Matt Landau

Here's what some Inner Circle members are saying about the full "Listing Site Independence" presentation:

The best part of this presentation was that it helped me know what I don't know. The good news - in a short period of time in the industry I think we have accomplished a lot. The great news - there is so much room for improvement! Thank you very much for a very well articulated and inspiring seminar.

John Klein
Manasota Key Condo

This presentation is a great insight into what is needed to be done and a great exercise to see where we truly are. You can see I have much to do!

Barry Sacks
Sun Palm Villa

It is exactly what I have been searching for in terms of getting focused!

Carole Heiman-Kezios
Greek Vacation Rentals & Chicago Magic Factory Lofts

I realize we, as owners of our sole VR property (Strawberry Lake Cabin) have a large number of areas to 'polish'. At the same time, the presentation helped affirm our many 'keepers'.

Don Aamodt
Strawberry Lake Cabin

OK, this got me motivated over the weekend. I have one condo that I have kinda fallen asleep at the needs a "Vacation Rental Marketing" makeover! I have work to do! I have thick skin...I need to hold myself accountable! Thanks for getting me motivated!!!

Joe Godar
"Destin To Go" Vacation Rentals

It's the kick up the backside I needed to get back in the game. I have spent the whole summer in my business rather than working on it.

Kirsty Gibling
Cyprus Sun Vacation Rentals