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When I'm feeling overwhelmed by work (and that is constantly) I like the idea that I can open MMM and not find a "task" at hand but rather inspiration that can fuel other ideas and actions.

Holly has a red jacket and backpack on.


Yosemite Stay

It's the rocket fuel I need to start my week.

Heather has a deep rouge top with a necklace. The background is blurry (bokeh effect).


Cottage Blogger

My husband had to remind me the other day that he gets Matt's MMMs too so I don’t need to rehash every line to him. They're that good.

A photo from a distance. Sherry is standing on the porch with her husband or gentleman admirer.


Mai Ouis Villa

The best newsletter I have ever signed up for. Still can't believe that it is free. I have probably gotten a hundred people to sign-up.

Rick has a checked shirt on. The photo has a blurred background (bokeh effect).


Oster Golf Houses

Matt is the world's leading expert on vacation rentals and he's sending tips to my inbox? Yes please!

Will is sporting a blazer with a shirt and tie. 


Slicktalk Hospitality Podcast

I love your content! Thank you! Thank you!

She's in the water. Returning from scuba diving or snorkeling. 


Chattanooga Vacation Rentals

Thanks for all that you offer to us... Really impressive and once again, I feel like we are not alone in this great big world of vacation rentals. I never delete your emails.

Heather has a turquoise top. The photo has a blurred background (bokeh effect).


The Cottages on the Key

MMM's are unparalleled insights directly to your inbox!

Andy has a light blue shirt with the first two buttons undone. He has a big smile and very white teeth.


These newsletters are real life examples of what we are striving for in marketing and communications. I look forward to opening them every. single. week. 

Ruth has a blue top. She's standing by the ocean.


Vernazzasul Mare

The truest thought-leadership in the vacation rental industry.

CJ has a big beard. He's standing in front of a brick wall. The photo is in black and white format.


Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals

I just love what you are doing.  It's that simple!

Amy Hinote VRMIntel


VRM Intel

The portability of Matt's nuggets: written for VR owners/managers but thought-provoking for any business. That's universal insight!

Andy has a grey V-neck with a light purple shirt. The background is dark with a beautiful white orb bokeh effect. He looks smart and professional. 



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