The first ever travel show to showcase the magic of the vacation rental movement.

"Genuinely more exotic than other travel shows. Less stilted, far more natural."
- Richard Colwell, Rentals in the Rockies

"Landau is Bourdain for Milennials"
- Casey Halloran, Costa Rica Luxury Vacations

"Makes me proud to be part of this industry."
- Luann Morrow, Walking Bear Resort

"Anthony Bourdain, Rick Steves and Lisa Ling have a new colleague in their midst."
- Amy Hinote, VRMIntel

"Matt Landau is an experience guru"
- Christine Saba, Noiseaware

Sense of Place & The Vacation Rental Show

We enjoy showcasing the vacation rental industry through powerful storytelling. Join as we explore new destinations through vacation rentals and their most amazing hosts, in the process inspiring travelers and prospective hosts to enter the industry with the right expectations. Each of the featured hosts are esteemed members of VRMB's Inner Circle community.

Unlocked is a podcast series that invites you to be a fly-on-the-wall as VRMB founder Matt Landau interviews some of the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals. The goal of this podcast series is to share best practices and to remind vacation rental professionals that we have everything we need inside of us to succeed.