Introducing a great equalizer bringing powerful tech to smaller (yet growing) property managers and owners. Underserved in years past, this demographic (which also makes up a majority of vacation rental professionals worldwide) now has unprecedented access to power.

"Best in Class Distribution" aka. "New Kid On The Block"


Contact Information

Na'ím Anís Paymán

Chief Revolutionary

info [at]

Direct Line: 855 855 9789

Zeevou is new to the scene and born to disrupt!

They have what we're calling a best-in-class distribution module, which connects directly with a variety of global channels. This Multiple Location PMS feature helps you manage all your properties from one central login. (meaning you don't need a channel manager).

Zeevou also has a powerful CRM and can accommodate an impressive range of maturation needs (from 1 property to 1,000).

This kind of breadth is very very unusual in a rental management software: if you haven't heard of them, do a demo and see for yourself.

Here's a brief explainer from our friends at Zeevou that beautifully encapsulates what makes their product so impressive. If you like what you see here's where you can do the actual demo:


Check out our Zeevou live demo...

What Users Are Saying...

"I started with zero units but wanted to go about things as if I had 100 to ensure I could scale quickly and effectively. Zeevou has not missed a beat in regards to channel managing and makes direct conversion very straightforward, thanks to them we secured a £10K booking from a 3 night stay via Airbnb. Their partner success team is second to none and is mega responsive."
Oliver Griffiths
"I can say with all honesty Zeevou has changed my life! Having been through 5 channel managers in my Serviced Accommodation business so far, I have at last found the perfect fit for our business. Quite simply, Zeevou makes things super simple! It’s quick, it’s sooo simple to use. Since joining Zeevou I have had way more time to focus on my business rather than being in it! As a SA business we fully back the book direct campaign. Zeevou helps you do this. The support available is amazing, if I ask a question in the Facebook users group I have an answer in minutes. Zeevou is truly a gift for the busy Serviced Accommodation provider. Thank you!"
Nicola McManus
"Brilliant product - rivalling all other dates and overpriced channel managers, this really is a disruptor to the market. As our reservations team described it “a one stop shop”, Zeevou really brings something different that was long overdue in the Serviced Apartment world. Thanks to Naim and the Zeevou team for our introduction and smooth onboarding. We will be recommending it to all of our coaching clients to use in their business too!"
Matt Duval