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Better Put a Pot of Coffee On [Monday Morning Motivation]

The following is the March ​23rd edition of VRMB's Monday Morning Motivation Newsletter, shared via email. Due to share requests, we have published the entire email below. You can sign-up for the

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Vacation Rentals Post-Coronavirus [Monday Morning Motivation]

​​The following is the March 16th ​edition of VRMB's Monday Morning Motivation Newsletter, shared via email. Due to a number of subscribers requests, we have published the entire email below. You

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My Favorite 20 Vacation Rental Advocacy Tips for 2020

​My Top 20 Advocacy Tips for 2020I've ​received emails now for several years from concern​ed vacation rental ​professionals seeking advice on advocacy for their city/town. Some in fierce legal

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Cottage Industry 3.0

​​​Cottage Industry 3.0​​​Close your eyes and imagine a vacation rental industry of the future. All properties have standards that guarantee safety and cleanliness. Travelers have become

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Buyer Beware. The Hunt for the Perfect PMS Solution

​This ​guest post is by Inner Circle leader Mark Driskell, owner and president of Mountain Time Vacation Rentals based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. ​He brings with him 20 years of experience

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Why Is There So Much “Red” Around Vacation Rental Unicorns?

​This guest post is by Inner Circle leader James Olin, CEO of C2G Advisors LLC​, who has been ​involved in M&A activities in vacation rental industry since 1992. ​He ​is the only person

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Tiny Architects Unlocked VRMB

Unlocked Season 4: The ‘Tiny Architects’

Unlocked Season 4'Tiny Architects' EditionThe new season of the Unlocked Podcast consists of 15 episodes delivered week-by-week. ​You can find all the episodes here.  Introducing The 'Myriad of

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For Things Beyond Our Control, What’s Our Obligation To Guests?

The following is a guest post by Inner Circle leader Sallie Mitchell. Sallie and her husband own Casa Mar Azul in San Pancho, Mexico.​ This post ​will help you override​ short-term-thinking tendencies

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Milestone! We’re Making The Leap To Broadcast TV

​Milestones!I am BEYOND proud to announce that The Vacation Rental Show presented by is making the leap to broadcast TV!  As of ​this week, all 10 episodes of Season 2 of the show

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Blurred Lines: It’s a Mixed-Use World

This post is written by ​vacation rental thought-leader Megan McCrea, owner of Nashville Vacation Homes and The Hospitality Creator. Megan is also the President of the Nashville Short Term Rental

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We Created Our Own Listing Site

This post by Nancy McAleer of AMI Home Rental is for anyone thinking about starting a listing site. Nancy is also the Co-Founder of Florida Rental By Owners an online

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VRMB’s Keystone Awards

A keystone is the architectural term for a wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch or bridge that locks the other pieces in place. We believe this is the perfect metaphor for the right property

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