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Referred to as "the MIT of vacation rentals," the VRMB Communities is where a melting pot of 1,000+ independent owners, managers, and industry magnates come to learn and grow. 
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"Being a part of the VRMB Community is like getting a blackbelt in limited edition marketing. Being surrounded by others with the same goals and like minds will elevate your support circle which elevates your vacation rental business." - Jan Stevens, Bowen Island Accommodations
Jan Stevens
Eric Lee
Brooklyn, New York
"The people I've met and the tips I've learned are priceless. I don't know where I'd be without it."
Sibylle Kim
Sibylle Kim

Villa Ausblick, Vermont

"I was spinning my wheels. This was where I found the owners like me who had already solved the same problems."
Megan McCrea
Megan McCrea

Southbound Stays, Nashville

"It's the single best investment I ever made for my vacation rental company. And that's saying a lot. I log-in daily."
Terry Whyte
Terry Whyte

Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals

"It's the smartest, most generous, most creative vacation rental managers in the world under one virtual roof. Deep thinkers!"
Christina Thoreson
Christina Thoreson

Chattanooga Vacation Rentals

"Whenever I meet someone who's serious about growing their vacation rental business, this is the first place I send them. It is a gamechanger"
Andy McNulty
Andy McNulty



What's Included:

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Discussion Forum

Ask questions, get support, build new relationships.

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Access valuable webinars, useful checklists, and exclusive content from "The Vault".

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy 100% off on-demand paid programs within the community.

Private Events

Invites to private events at popular conferences.

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On/Offline Community

Attend VRMB Events

Included in each membership is tickets to our private meet-ups, planned strategically around vacation rental conferences. One part facilitated learning, one-part hanging out and eating delicious food with awesome people. VRMB Community events bring to life the innovation that takes place daily in a virtual forum.

Diverse Network

Our Strength Is Our Differences

Because all VRMB Community members come from different backgrounds and run slightly different styles of businesses, the problem-solving environment is as diverse as it is dynamic. All members are lifelong learners -- curious, smart, and constantly looking to improve. Which acts as a great unifier: the glue that keeps the community healthy and alive.


Member Posts

Access over 40,000 posts in the community to search through.



A melting pot of over 1,000+ independent owners, managers, and industry experts.


Years in Operation

Launched in 2014 and continuously improving ever since.

Please do NOT join if...

You Only Want To Make Money

To be clear, vacation rental hosting is a business. But if you are only doing it for the money, you won't appreciate our forum's nuances.

You Want Results Over Night

Questions, answers, and developments on our forum evolve and mature over weeks/months (time-sensitive matters notwithstanding)

You Already Know Everything

We are not the right fit for know-it-alls. Our forum embraces curiosity, humility, and Kaizen (ie. continuous improvement over time).

Why Does It Cost $75/month?

Logging into VRMB Community means no more hitting your head against the wall trying to solve a challenge. Slash your vacation rental learning curve in half, avoid costly mistakes and dangerous oversights. Steal (or as we say, swipe) important templates, contracts, and workflows that have been used for years. We charge $75/month and we encourage you to put a price on your own personal breakthroughs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and general information quickly.

What is VRMB Communities?

Formerly known as the "Inner Circle," VRMB Communities is the paid membership offering of VRMB.com. Paying members receive access to a private online forum where they can collaborate with 900+ other members around the globe.

Members also gain access to VRMB's proprietary learning materials (workshops, tutorials, eBooks, frameworks) not featured elsewhere online & vast resource library (contracts, templates, checklists). One membership with VRMB Communities includes two tickets to each of our private gatherings.

How do I know if I'm the right fit?

You will know you're the right fit if you are someone who supports thought-leadership and likes innovation.

VRMB Communities is designed for professionals of all shapes and sizes: single property owner-managers, to mid- to large-size property managers to beginners only on Airbnb. We are the only paid forum that actively cultivates a space for such diverse stakeholders.

Members who stand to gain the most are a) just getting started with their vacation rental business, b) at a crossroads with their existing business and wanting to up their game, or c) starting to get complacent with their veteran business and needing some accountability and inspiration.

What happens when I join VRMB Communities?

As our team gets to work approving your account, you may be asked to provide additional information to help us best understand your needs. Please be patient if you don't receive approval immediately.

Next, keep your eyes open for your confirmation email and log-in credentials. You'll be expected to log-in and upload your profile photo in your first month so please consider joining only when you are ready to participate.

What if I only have one question?

Since the chances are good that your question has been asked before, we ask you to support our model by becoming a member of VRMB Communities and letting us know your question upon entering: we will make sure you get the answers you're looking for (and more).

In the vacation rental industry, there are a lot of places you can go for information. Recognizing this noise can be difficult to navigate, we created a solution to gather the brightest minds under one virtual roof.

On our private forum, the most accomplished vacation rental owners & managers can answer questions in a way that helps many people.

Can I share my account with my team?

We ask you not to share your VRMB Communities credentials with other members of your team. Please simply sign up with your primary account and then let us know (upon entry) that you'd like to add additional members to your team. There is a modest fee for additional accounts. 

What if I have a collaboration request?

All VRMB collaborations are done with members of VRMB Communities. By becoming a member, we're able to follow your journey, discuss details in a private setting, and ensure that your discoveries and achievements are amplified across the industry. We do not make any promises but becoming a member of our community is a helpful first step.