“What will you refuse to automate?”This is a question the technology vendors in our industry don’t ask nearly enough. Since technology can solve so many problems, it can be tempting for us to want automate everything. But in doing so, we’d be losing the things that make us Limited Edition. And if we become a

I love networking! I am constantly trying to meet new people and connect others in the industry. Pre-pandemic, you could find me at most vacation rental industry conferences events shmoozing, brainstorming, and hugging nonstop (boy do I look forward to those days again).  But since networking has become virtual as a result of the pandemic, I decided

Image by Katie Chandler for VRMBThe single most valuable skill a vacation rental entrepreneur can develop is curating special experiences for guests.  Done successfully the rest of the dominoes fall into place: special experience = 5-star reviews + repeat bookings / referrals / PR. Oppositely, if you don’t do this (no matter how good the rest of

Based on internal statistics from market leaders and data providers, I strongly believe that vacation rentals will overtake hotels in 2021. This is an aspirational prediction but it’s also based on clear trends. If we have learned anything about the world of late, traditional structures are changing because new movements are surging. So while it may

In anticipation of our next Keystone Awards, we added a layer of Current User Feedback (open participation here) then enlisted the data science services of Wes Melton. Our first finding was The Satisfaction Gap and below, The “Recommendation Dilemma” is our second finding.Wes Melton, Nokori.comTerry Whyte, VR Software GuyMatt Landau, VRMB “Overall, how likely would you recommend

Originally, it wasn’t hard to succeed as a smart person with a mediocre vacation rental in a big vacation market. It was so easy that our industry drew professionals from all walks of life. A lot of dining room table conversations turned into real vacation rental businesses. But today the landscape has evolved. It has never

Being a vacation rental professional is about more than just profit or growth. It’s about purpose. And this pandemic, along with the wildfires, social unrest and everything else going on right now, I wanted to remind everyone that adversity can be a good thing. I was fortunate enough to visit St. John USVI and stay in